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Vinyl Sport Floor

    YOLA PVC sports flooring is an professional indoor/outdoor vinyl sport flooring range produced in 3.5-10 mm thicknesses. Comparing to hard flooring, PVC flooring has better safety, shock absorption and better rebound resilience. It is made of 100% pure PVC raw material. It does not contain methanal, which is environmental protective. Installation and maintenance cost is low, so with low initial cost, we can build a best space for sports and activities.
Vinyl Sports floor is a kind of floor specially developed for sports ground with PVC material. Specifically, it is made of PVC and its copolymer resin as the main raw materials, with fillers, plasticizers, stabilizers, colorants and other auxiliary materials added, on the continuous sheet substrate, through coating process or calendering, extrusion or extrusion process. Sports are divided into indoor sports floor and outdoor sports floor. Indoor sports floor generally includes professional sports wood floor, PVC plastic sports floor, acrylic (polyurethane) sports floor, rubber floor, etc. 1. Scope of application: professional badminton courts can be customized according to the color of products selected by customers Table tennis court and basketball court Tennis court A volleyball court gym. Plastic venue of cultural activity center Plastic field of the cultural and sports training activity center Plastic court of sports center Plastic playground of youth activity center Labor union activity room, plastic field and other patterns are various...... Fitness activity place, sports place, sports floor. 2. Stability 1000D glass fiber reinforcing mesh and special grid cloth fiber reinforcing layer are added to the structure of sports floor products, which ensures the dimensional stability and firmness of this product in the process of movement and plays an automatic reinforcing role. 3. Firmness The bottom surface of the sports floor foam layer is lined, and the reasonable weight can be combined with the manual ground roller after the site is paved The air between the floor and the ground is discharged to form a relative vacuum state, which is more adhesive and more stable during movement. 4. Comfort The surface of the sports floor has been specially treated to match the brightness of the light, so it will not absorb light and reflect light. It can better protect the eyes of athletes, and will not easily cause fatigue. The total thickness is 4.5mm. It is equipped with a suitable foam bottom layer as the buffer layer, so that it has more shock absorption and rebound. It can effectively reduce the impact of the athletes' legs, make the feet feel comfortable, better avoid sports injuries, and improve the level of athletes. 5. Durability and wear resistance The sports floor is made of 100% pure PVC high-quality materials. The surface layer is treated with special high environmental protection high-tech material TPU technology, and has the best durability and wear resistance, thus increasing the service life of the floor. 6. The maintenance is easy The surface layer of sports floor (especially the surface layer treated with special high-tech TPU) has the ability to eliminate external pollution, such as surface pollution, which can be brushed with clean mop and clean water. The key dirt can be cleaned with neutral detergent. The single pore closed PVC shading has been treated with astringency, waterproof, mildew proof and anti-bacterial treatment to make the product itself have a self-protection barrier, thus enhancing the product's self sewage function! 7. Excellent noise reduction effect (25db/28db reduction) The standard bottom layer thickness of the brand sports floor, together with the suitable bounciness and reasonable shock absorption, has the sound absorption function in sports, and the sound insulation effect is good.
Warranty5 years
Project Solution Capabilitygraphic design, 3D model design
Place of OriginShanghai, China
Model NumberFC-MSP-08
UsageIndoor, Basketball, Badminton ,Table Tennis, Volleyball Court
Product TypeVinyl Roll
ColorGreen, blue, acid grey, red, orange or customized
KeywordSport flooring/basketball floor/badminton court mat
ApplicationSports Venues
Design StyleModern
Brand NameYOLA
Surface Treatmentuv coating/pvc
Patterns/DesignsLychee, gem, sand grain, wood grain, plain, dot, textile
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