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Vinyl Flooring Vs Laminate

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Vinyl vs. Laminate Flooring Comparison Guide Are you looking for replacement of old flooring, or are you looking for affordable, durable and customizable flooring for your home? The composite floor or vinyl base plate will guarantee all the above and more for you. This article will answer all your questions about laminate and vinyl flooring. In addition, it will tell you which floor is better. When you make this important decision, we hope to gently hold your hand and let you have a comfortable home that makes you happy. To better understand, let's take a look at what these floors are. 1、 What are laminate and vinyl flooring? Laminate and vinyl flooring are cheaper alternatives to hardwood flooring because they are man-made. Laminate flooring is divided into three layers: inner core board, decorative photo image layer and protective floor covering layer or wear-resistant layer. The vinyl base plate has a solid vinyl core, printed vinyl base, and overlay that looks not only like hardwood, but also like ceramics and stone. What is the difference between the two? They are made of different synthetic materials. Next, the two floors are compared on different bases to help you make clearer, smoother and faster decisions. 2、 Laminate and vinyl flooring 3、 Durability and maintenance Next to the bed is the floor - in terms of frequency of use and time spent on the floor. Therefore, you will need durable flooring that is easy to maintain. Laminate flooring perfectly combines these two qualities, but when the outer layer is scratched or exposed to water for a long time, its disadvantage is that it cannot be repaired. In contrast, vinyl flooring only delaminates (wears out) when it is of the lowest quality. Generally speaking, vinyl base plate can withstand higher flow rate than laminate flooring. Compared with laminate flooring, it also requires low maintenance. However, it is recommended that you change the position of the furniture at regular intervals to avoid dents on the vinyl base plate. 4、 Maintenance and cleaning For both, simple vacuuming, sweeping or mopping is enough because they are easy to clean and maintain. Laminate flooring is not suitable for wet washing. If you feel that you need to use water for cleaning, you'd better use a dry mop or a soft microfiber cloth to clean the floor or a wet mop (almost dry), because the moisture resistance of the laminate is limited. Unlike laminates, vinyl flooring can be wet washed or scrubbed with a cleaner. It allows brooms and wet mops to sweep the floor. 5、 Cost Do you have a budget but need to replace the floor urgently? Then, laminate flooring is a more viable option that can be refreshed with less money. The cost per square foot for 7 mm and 12 mm thickness is between $1 and $5, respectively. The disadvantage of choosing this floor is that it needs to be replaced earlier than what you prepare. So, if you think about it, you must save money. On the other hand, the cost of vinyl flooring is as high as that of laminate flooring, except for high-end brand vinyl baseplate. In short, they are similar in cost and cheaper than hardwood and ceramic tiles. 6、 Water resistance As mentioned above, laminate flooring is not waterproof because it contains a fiberboard core layer made of wood products. This will absorb water, then become soft and swollen, and will not return to the original size after drying. This absorbed water will peel off the design layer, causing the floor to be completely removed and replaced with a new one. This is irreparable. Although, its water resistance can be improved by correct installation, tight joints and good molding. It only lasts a short time, just a little longer than it did not install correctly. Only older vinyl flooring models may have water resistance problems because they are made of fabric or felt backing. However, the recent flooring is 100% waterproof and made of polymer materials. Vinyl flooring can be soaked in water for a long time without losing its shape or size and reusing. Vinyl sheets are usually in the form of wide rolls and do not require water permeable joints. If you encounter the problem of water resistance of vinyl base plate, it is caused by improper installation. Since the beginning of this article, laminate flooring has been in the second option column. But at present, it is becoming the focus of people's attention. I hope that other qualities can be the same. Laminate flooring is superior to vinyl in design, appearance and overall flooring style. It has a more realistic embossing, emitting almost the same feeling as hardwood. This feature is attributed to the fact that the raw material is a by-product of resin sealed wood. It allows realistic 3-D embossing using actual images of the required materials. Only when vinyl flooring is an embossed thick core vinyl base plate can vinyl flooring achieve this quality level (it looks like real hardwood). If you want to use vinyl flooring for your home, here is a good news about the appearance and design. The new version of luxury vinyl looks like wood with deeper embossing. 8、 Heat resistance Good, good, good! Guess who appeared in the good book again? Laminate Flooring! Because they are made from wood by-products, they perform better in direct sunlight than their vinyl counterparts. Therefore, the color of laminate flooring will not deteriorate in the sun, but the vinyl base plate will. This disadvantage explains why vinyl flooring is not recommended for outdoor activities or uses. 9、 Antifouling property Both the composite floor and vinyl base plate are made of an outer surface that resists the accumulation of stains or dirt. 10、 Installation You can use the same click and lock method to install composite flooring and vinyl flooring. Here, the tongue of the board is installed on the adjacent board and locked together. Everything can be done by you except that you need to install vinyl substrates or professional floor foam pads. Both floors are easy to install. In most cases, the composite floor is installed on the existing floor; These are called "floating floors". Impact on the environment If you are weighing options with zero or 100% recyclable environmental impact, the answer is no. However, if you are looking for flooring with less impact or high recyclable materials, the answer is composite flooring. The composite floor is made of biodegradable byproducts of wood, but the plastic surface and resin of the floor are non biodegradable. The ethylene base plate is made of synthetic materials, which will release toxic chemicals, will not decompose, and cannot be recycled. If environmental protection is critical to you, this feature is a major disadvantage. 11、 Comfortable One of the main benefits of laying composite flooring at home is comfort. Your feet are very comfortable. Sometimes, buyers will ignore quality, but this is critical because it will determine how often you walk around the house. In addition, the material of the composite floor is thicker, creating a warm and soft feeling for your feet. Vinyl baseplates are usually cold and hard. Therefore, it is not recommended to use them in the living room and bedroom. 12、 Life and service life The life of the two floors depends largely on the care and maintenance of the owner. When the laminate floor is waterproof or soaked, its service life is as long as that of the vinyl base plate (up to 20-25 years). For durable laminate flooring, keep away from water and scratches. The cost of vinyl flooring may be higher, but it will last longer, especially if you are confident that you can follow the rules for durable composite flooring. 13、 Resale value As long as the two floors are properly maintained, they have good resale value. For example, inferior vinyl flooring or damaged composite flooring may deter buyers because it will be considered a waiting item. On the other hand, if laminate flooring is relatively new, its resale value will be higher than vinyl flooring. 14、 Best flooring by room The optimal floor for each room depends on several factors, such as the function of the room, the frequency of movement in the room, and the activities that take place in the room. Vinyl flooring is best suited for rooms with high humidity and water consumption, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and laundries. Although, you can use them for other parts of the family. Laminate flooring will be a better choice for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and home offices. In short, for "which is better?" It is difficult to give a specific answer to this question. This is because it is not a "one size fits all" situation. It largely depends on who you are, what you want, and what you want your home to represent. Deciding why you want a new floor will greatly simplify your choice and will always be your final decision. We provide this detailed guide to help you weigh your options and make planned decisions. You can consider weighing the different brands and products offered, rather than suddenly discarding any of them. We hope you enjoy reading this article as much as we enjoy organizing it for you.
Warranty5 Year
Projuect Solution Capability3D model design, Cross Categories Consolidation
Place of OriginChina
Model MumberPG6315
Product TypeVinyl Flooring
SurfaceUV, PVC
ApplicationHotel, home, market, hospital, office etc.
Design StyleModern
Brand NameYola
MaterialPVC, Virgin materials PVC plastic flooring
Size6"*36", 6"*48", 7.25"*48", 9"*48" etc.
Wear Layer0.1-0.7mm
Surface TreatmentSimple Color
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