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Homogeneous And Heterogeneous

    Homogeneous PVC floor, is one of the most popular types of Vinyl flooring, is composed of a or more layer of the same material composition and the same color, pattern throughout the thickness of the product. 45 - 55% PVC, 15 - 20% plasticizers, 25 - 35% fillers and 2 - 5% pigments, stabilizers and additives are mixed cold when producing a 2 mm thick floor covering. The mixture is then rolled out into sheets in a rapid operation under high heat on a calendar. It is normally available in strip format (roll), so it also is called Homogeneous Vinyl Sheet Flooring with directional, semi-directional, non-directional pattern colored and designed.
The Differences Between Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Vinyl Flooring Structures of Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Vinyl Sheets Homogeneous Vinyl Sheets Homogeneous refers to the material of the same quality from the surface to the entire floor from the surface to the bottom. Heterogeneous Vinyl Sheets There are multiple layers of heterogeneous PVC floor sheets. This type of vinyl floor is manufactured through a special process because it has five different layers from top to bottom. The wear resistance of heterogeneous vinyl flooring is mainly in the wear layer. This is the wear resistance of multi-layer flooring judged by the thickness of the wear layer. It usually has five layers from top to bottom, which are: *UV coating *Wear layer *Printing layer *Glass fiber layer *Foam backing layer Design and Color The heterogeneous vinyl flooring has more colors and design options as compare to homogeneous vinyl flooring. A homogeneous vinyl flooring sheet is made up of PVC materials of various colors by a special process. It has a single pattern. The pattern formation mechanism if homogeneous is more difficult and its production process is complicated. It has only two types of flooring patterns: directional floral patterns and non-directional patterns. And the entire production of the homogeneous flooring process strictly controls the color uniformity and its color difference. As the heterogeneous vinyl flooring sheet is a multi-layered structure, its printed layer regulates various colors. The printing layer of the heterogeneous vinyl flooring changes the colors and patterns of the flooring. The variety of flooring colors are wood grain, carpet grain, stone grains, and other kinds of patterns. What is more, the heterogeneous sheet color is a very simple principle of the printing layer. Sound Absorbing Since the heterogeneous vinyl floor contains a foam layer, its sound absorption effect is much better than that of a homogeneous floor. Fire Resistance Due to the higher content of stone powder in homogeneous vinyl flooring, the fire performance is better than that of heterogeneous vinyl flooring. Indentation Resistance Since the homogeneous vinyl floor has a higher stone powder content, its anti-indentation performance is also better. Scratch Repair Performance Because the homogeneous floor is a single-layer structure. This feature makes it have a refurbishing function. Slight scratches can be polished off with a grinder, polished and repaired, re-waxed as new, and the service life is longer. But heterogeneous flooring cannot do this. Different Applications Homogeneous penetrating floor is generally suitable for places requiring high wear resistance, professional maintenance team, and relatively clean and timely. Such as very clean factories, purification workshops, pharmaceutical factories, laboratories, etc., such as medical institutions with a large cleaning and maintenance force, such as supermarkets in developed countries, but it is not recommended to use some places with poor sanitary conditions and no professional cleaning and maintenance team Heterogeneous vinyl flooring is composed of several layers which meets the requirements of high traffic areas, and is widely used in education, business, office and other commercial fields; And pharmaceutical, clothing, electronics and other light industrial sites.
WarrantyMore than 5 years
Design StyleModern
Model NumberFC98016
Surface TreatmentUV coating
Materials100% pure raw pvc materials
Project Solution Capability3D model design, Cross Categories Consolidation, etc.
Place of OriginChina
Product TypeVinyl Roll
Functionanti-slip, waterproof, anti bacteria
Applicationndoor, School, kindergarten, hospital, clean room, lab, super market, hotel
Brand NameYOLA

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