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EIR Texture

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EIR (Embossed In Register) SPC flooring means that the texture actually follows the pattern in the image. A metal plate containing a pattern is pressed into the surface layer, creating embossing similar to the embossed in stone or wood. Embossing can also be used to match textures or to give surfaces an "old" appearance. It is done in part to make the SPC floor look or feel more authentically like real wood. If you run your hand over the flooring, you’ll notice something remarkable. You feel fine indentations that match the underlying photograph of a wood plank, similar to the grain of a plank cut from a tree. It creates a level of realism that can’t be achieved in any other way. It looks and feels right. The perfect match between the embossing and photograph also results in depth of color similar to the natural material.
Warranty5 Year
Place of OriginFujian, China
MaterialVirgin Material PVC
Product TypeVinyl Flooring
ApplicationVilla, home, market, hospital, office etc.
Brand NameYola
Typeplastic wood click lock plank flooring
Surface TreatmentUV coating
Wear Layer0.1-0.7mm
Design StyleModern
Model NumberFC6084
PatternVarious/wpc flooring
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