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Luxury SPC Vinyl Vs. Engineered Hardwood

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Should you choose luxury SPC vinyl or engineered hardwood for your home? Let's take a closer look at each type of floor so you can decide which one is best for you. First, let's look at each type of structure separately. The engineered hardwood flooring is made of 100% natural wood and consists of multiple cross grain layers. The top layer or wear-resistant layer has many kinds and colors. Each layer of core material is laid in different directions in a transverse pattern to ensure high stability of the structure and small expansion and contraction in case of moisture, humidity and temperature fluctuations. SPC stands for Stone Polymer Composite. SPC refers to the core of luxurious hard core flooring. The core is fixed on a high-quality foam pad. At the top of the SPC core is the image layer (which gives the floor an incredible wooden appearance), which is protected by a transparent wear-resistant layer and an anti UV scratch protective coating. This durable floor can be installed in any room - kitchen, bathroom, basement, etc. Our SPC is 100% waterproof, designed to absorb impact and resist scratches. SPC structure is stable, which means that its elastic structure can minimize seasonal expansion or contraction, and its stiffness helps to compensate for minor defects in the sub floor. Now let's see how these amazing different structures are compared. 1、 Installation Engineering hardwood Depending on the type of hardwood flooring, and under appropriate environmental conditions, a variety of different installation techniques (including glue, float, nails/staples) can be used to install the engineered hardwood flooring below, above or above the ground. It can also be installed on all types of sub floors, including wood and concrete. Luxury SPC Vinyl SPC boards can be installed on the ground, ground or underground concrete subfloor, wood subfloor, or even on most existing smooth, single layer, hard surface or non cushioned resilient flooring. With the glue free, easy click installation system, the installation of SPC flooring is very simple. It is easy to cut and does not require special tools. Our SPC boards can be clamped together to achieve fast and trouble free installation. 2. Design Selection and Aesthetics Engineering hardwood Modern engineering hardwood has a variety of species and design styles, from smooth finished maple to ultra wide wire brushed European oak. Luxury SPC Vinyl Similarly, SPC flooring has a variety of design options. Our SPC selection is embossed to help provide the look and feel of real hardwood. 3. Cost Engineering hardwood The price range of engineering hardwood is very wide, from entry-level to advanced. The price per square foot depends largely on the type of board, the thickness or width of the wearing layer. No matter what kind of engineering hardwood is selected, because it is made of 100% natural wood, it will add value and style to any family. Luxury SPC Vinyl SPC is cost-effective and generally less expensive than most engineered hardwood flooring. Because of its flexibility and ease of care, it is an attractive option for many homeowners. 4. Longevity Engineering hardwood If properly maintained, engineered hardwood can be used for many years. Although some engineering floors can be completely repaired, this structure cannot be guaranteed. Whether it can be polished and re polished depends on the thickness of the wear layer. If you plan to polish and repair in the future, please be sure to choose products with thick wear-resistant layer. For those who do not want to go through a lot of polishing and repair processes, the screen and re coating are always the choice to make your floor a new look. This process is much less intensive and does not require polishing the wood. Instead, the screen and re coating include polishing the original finish and re applying a new top coat to restore your floor to its original luster. This can be done multiple times throughout the life cycle of the floor. Luxury SPC Vinyl SPC flooring is very scratch resistant. If there is any large size or damage, replacing the board is a good low-cost option. SPC flooring can be used for many years with proper care and care. The best way to keep SPC flooring looking as beautiful as it was on the day of installation and to take full advantage of your investment is to properly clean and care. 5. Cleaning and care Engineering hardwood Today's hardwood floor is fast and easy to maintain. Just use some low-cost cleaning tools and some preventive maintenance, and it will look beautiful in the next few years. In addition to maintaining a stable environment, the engineered hardwood flooring should also be cleaned regularly. Just sweep, mop or vacuum cleaner can remove dirt and gravel. If necessary, the engineered hardwood can be cleaned with hardwood floor cleaning products. Luxury SPC Vinyl Since SPC flooring has a completely non porous surface, they are waterproof - making cleaning easy! Dust, dirt and grit may be the biggest enemies of SPC flooring, causing them to scratch prematurely. The faster they are removed, the less wear they will have on the floor. It is recommended to clean or vacuum them every day to help them avoid scratching. If the vacuum cleaner has a stirring rod (rotary brush), it should be closed. It is recommended to wash twice a week to avoid the accumulation of dirt and debris。 6. Summary Engineered hardwood and luxury SPC vinyl are great choices for updating the look and feel of your home. Although the two are not superior to the other in essence, each has different advantages and disadvantages, which makes one or the other more suitable for different families or lifestyles. Some people may choose SPC because it is suitable for DIY, waterproof and easy to maintain. Others may choose engineering hardwood, because real hardwood can bring incomparable warmth, beauty and added value to your home.
Warranty5 Year
ApplicationVilla, home, kitchen, market, hosptial, office and so on.
Design StyleModern
Place of OriginChina
Brand NameYola
Model NumberFC2278
Surface TreatmentSimple Color
Product TypeVinyl Flooring
Typeplastic wood click lock plank frooling
Surface treatmentuv coating
Functionwaterproof/SPC indoor vinyl flooring
Wear Layer0.1-0.7mm
Patternvarious/SPC flooring
Materialsmade of virgin materials PVC
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