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SPC VS WPC Vinyl Flooring

    We are a supplier of vinyl flooring, such as SPC flooring, LVT flooring, WPC flooring, indoor sport flooring, hospital flooring, ESD roll, anti-static flooring/conductive flooring, Heterogeneous , Homogeneous vinyl roll etc.
    YOLA WPC Flooring is the new generation of the high quality plastic flooring with five layers designed to resist wear and retain a luxurious look for decades. WPC flooring is also a breeze to install, clean, and maintain, providing realistic three-dimensional replication of natural materials including wood planks, embossed tile, and marble and woven textures.
When many people lay the floor, they will tangle on wpc floor and spc floor. What is the difference between wpc floor and spc floor? Let's have a look. What is the difference between wpc floor and spc floor 1. Different structure There is a big difference between the two structures. The internal structure of the spc floor looks the same. Although it is actually composed of several layers, because the materials are the same, there is only one layer. The wpc floor has obvious structural layering, even black layering in the middle, and the thickness is not low. lvt material is used in this layer, which can give the floor a better anti deformation ability. 2. Different weight There are many differences between the two in terms of weight. Because stone powder is added to the spc floor, it is heavier and harder. The wpc floor is more resin inside, so its weight is far less than the spc floor, but its foot feel will be better. 3. Different thickness The thickness of the spc floor is generally controlled at 3-5 mm. If it is thicker, it will be more difficult to process. The wpc floor is usually thick, generally about 6mm, and there are many 8mm. 4. Different colors The color of the two is different. The appearance color and the internal color are different. In the appearance, the surface of the spc floor is similar to the color film of the laminate floor, without too much color difference, while the wpc surface uses high-end color film, which has the effect of a solid wood floor, so there is a certain color difference. 5. The origin is different It can be seen from the name that the first letter shows the origin, wpc floor, and the first letter is w, representing wood, that is, wood plastic floor. The first letter of spc floor is s, which means stone, that is, stone plastic floor. 6. Prices are different From the market price, wood plastic flooring is cheaper, while stone plastic flooring is more expensive. You can buy it according to your own economic situation when you choose.
Place of OriginShanghai, China
Model NumberFC-MW106
TechnicsWPC FLOORING, WPC Flooring/Plastic Flooring
After-sale ServiceOnline technical support
Installation TypeClick
Design StyleModern
Thickness5.5mm-8mm or customized
Locking SystemUnilin, Valinge 2G/5Gi Click System
Patterns/designswood/marble/carpet/stone/or customised
KeywordPVC floor/Vinyl floor/LVT/Plastic floor/WPC floor
Brand NameYOLA
Engineered Wood Flooring TypeWPC FLOORING
Warranty3 years
ApplicationHome Office, home,kitchen,market,hosptial,office, etc
Size1218x147mm, 1218x180mm, 1524x225mm
Surface TreatmentUV coated with Embossed(many kinds), 1.5mm pvc
Packagingcarton + wood pallet
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